Toners 101: What Does a Toner do For Your Face and Skin

Posted on March 04 2020

Toners 101: What Does a Toner do For Your Face and Skin

Skincare has come a long way. Whereas in the past it would just involve cleaning your face and applying some moisturizer, the skincare routines of today are much more extensive and sophisticated. With Korean skincare tutorials adding about 10 or more steps in between, and beauty bloggers recommending us so many products that it’s almost dizzying, it can often be confusing to know which products will actually suit your skin. 

However, a great skincare routine doesn’t have to have ten steps to be effective. Whether you have a 30-minute skincare regimen or you’d rather spend just five minutes, a simple-to-use facial toner can enhance your mornings.

It often happens that there are particles of makeup or dirt that remain on your face even after using a face wash or cleanser, or perhaps your skin feels dry after it has had a round of thorough cleansing. This is why the next step in using a toner becomes even more important. Let’s now take a look at what a toner is, what its benefits are, and how you can use it.

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What is a Toner?

Toners are often seen as a confusing element in the skincare ritual. However, they’re extremely simple to understand. A toner is the skincare item that is meant to be used between a cleanser and a moisturizer. It’s an absorbing liquid that lightly hydrates your skin. It primes and preps you to better absorb another moisturizer or makeup. 

When it becomes a daily part of your skincare routine, it will automatically tighten your pores and prevent accelerated skin aging. Everyone should use a facial toner regardless of their skin type, and more so if you wear makeup or have skin that’s oily or prone to acne. We Are Wild Solid Water toner helps

  • Balance the skin
  • Hydrate without creating excess moisture
  • Cool down the skin to reduce inflammation
  • Depuff skin
  • Create a dewy layer under makeup
  • Refresh skin when dry or dull.

How to Apply a Toner

A person with a gray shirt applies probiotic toner to her face.


Most toners come in a bottle, and you have to use an applicator to apply it on your face, while others come in the form of a spray bottle. We Are Wild Probiotic Facial Toner is even easier to use, coming in stick form for direct application onto your face.

You don’t need any cotton pads or other applicators, and you can avoid the discomfort that often comes with a spray bottle. Since it’s not liquid, it’s also TSA friendly. Be careful to avoid the eyes and the lips, and don’t miss out on the little spots such as behind your ears, sides of the nose, and hairline. The toner will start hydrating your freshly cleansed skin to help you feel renewed.

For a refreshing toner, check out We Are Wild Solid Water Probiotic Facial Toner.

Choosing the Right Toner for Your Skin

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There are different types of skin, and each skin type requires a different kind of toner. If you have dry skin, for example, you should stay away from astringents that are drying, and go for toners that are hydrating and soft. This will soothe your dry skin before you put the moisturizer on. 

Those who have oily skin, on the other hand, can try astringents, as this will aid in keeping the excess shine away, tighten the pores, and remove the oil that sticks to your face. The acids present in toners will also help in the removal of bacteria, thereby preventing acne. Anyone with combination skin should buy a toner that’s oil-absorbing, such as the chin, nose, and forehead while making sure to stay away from the dry areas. A mild and soothing toner will work, too, in this case.

What makes our Solid Water Probiotic Facial Toner different is its use of probiotics. “Good bacteria” and other fermenting antioxidants helps you combat blemishes and balance out your pH. It’s good for any skin type - even combination skin and sensitive skin.

Benefits of Using a Toner

The reasons for using a toner are plenty. Here are some benefits of using a toner that’s sure to get you convinced:

  1. When you have excess oil on your face, it causes blackheads and your pores getting all clogged up. Those who have oily skin or one that’s prone to acne, should look for a toner rich in salicylic acid or glycolic acid, as it will reduce the excess shine and oil on your face. Therefore, a toner helps in preventing acne, too.
  2. Toners help in balancing the pH of your skin. The optimal pH of your skin is 5.5. However, when you use a cleanser, this balance is disrupted a little, and it can be restored with the help of a toner. A toner, therefore, prevents your skin from getting too oily or too dry post using a cleanser.
  3. Breakouts during the summer can be controlled by applying toner. Since we sweat a lot during the summer, this sweat can combine with the dirt, oil, and bacteria on our skin, leading to the formation of unpleasant breakouts. However, by using a toner, this can be kept in check.
  4. Pores are the bane of everyone’s existence, and toners help in ensuring it doesn’t become a pain for you to deal with them. By cleaning and tightening the pores, toners help you achieve smoother and brighter skin, making sure no unwanted particles can pour in.
  5. Keeping your skin hydrated is extremely essential, especially during the seasons when your skin gets really dry. Toners provide that extra layer of hydration that’s needed to make your skin look supple and healthy. 
  6. Reducing inflammation. Your skin becomes overheated after exercising or long workout sessions. As a result, your skin can swell and become inflamed. Toners are great to carry on-the-go to help reduce this problem.

Summing Up

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Toner is one of the most important elements in a wholesome skin care regimen - it serves as a crucial step in your daily skincare ritual that ensures your pores remain tight, your skin stays hydrated but not oily, swelling is reduced, and your face is primed and prepped. And at We Are Wild, we make it fun with our refreshing Probiotic Facial Toner. Whether you run all the other elaborate or fancy skincare routines or not, using a toner is something you should never forget if glowing and healthy-looking skin is your goal.

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