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We use the latest science in Probiotic, Fermentation, Antioxidant skincare research to quickly revive and restore skin from common recreation exposure. We love working with our R&D Lab in Seoul. Korea has a historic, rich legacy in fermentation dating back thousands of years which is now being applied to our innovative skincare breakthroughs.


Why Fermentation & Probiotics?

  • Potency

Similar to how foods are fermented for more concentrated ingredients (ex: wine has several times the antioxidant content of grapes, their predecessor), skincare ingredients are fermented to make them more potent–and more easily absorbed into the skin.  Fermentation also helps to increase the nutrient density and concentration of ingredients, by breaking down the molecular structure of ingredients

  • Renewal  

Because the good bacteria essentially holds off the bad bacteria, these products require less preservatives and last just as long. This high concentration of ingredients combats skin sensitivity, redness and increase cell renewal—which in effect, helps fight acne and aging.

    1. Strengthen skin’s surface against environmental threats.
    2. Enhance skin’s ability to become—and stay—properly hydrated.
    3. Diminish factors that trigger sensitized, reddened skin.
    4. Visibly improve signs of dryness, including a tight, uncomfortable feeling.
    5. Restore a healthy pH balance to skin’s surface.

    Probiotics are natural, good-for-you bacteria that work to improve your health, inside and out.


    Benefits You'll See & Feel


    • Natural Protective Shield

      Probiotics are a 100% natural ingredient which act as a protective layer on the skin, locking in moisture for a more radiant, hydrated and balanced appearance.

    • Boost Healthy Looking Skin

      Probiotics fight free radical attack and bad bacteria. They also help to reduce the appearance of redness and irritation and can help improve clarity and tone.

    • Soothe and Calm Skin

      Just as probiotics help to calm your stomach, they’re also clinically proven to help soothe distressed skin.

    • Target Signs of Aging

      Probiotics help defend the skin against age-accelerating environmental stressors and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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